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5 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Skip


If you can hear, smell, feel, or see something unusual, it’s a safe bet that something is wrong, with your vehicle. As we alluded to in an earlier blog, you shouldn’t put off something that you know to or suspect to be minor. In particular, if you’re not 100% certain that something is minor, we’d especially encourage you to get your car looked at. With that in mind, we’d like to go over five issues that should motivate you to schedule an appointment with European Auto Works right away.


Noise or difficulty steering that’s prevalent during turns.

Common signs to look for here are grinding, clicking, popping, or howling noises that become more exaggerated as you turn. Left or right turns might sound better or worse than the other. If your steering wheel is wandering, feeling clunky, loose or in any way difficult, that’s another sign that something serious could be wrong. These are signs of several different far-reaching problems. One problem might be a wheel bearing that needs grease or has accumulated debris from the road. Left unattended, this can cause the affected wheel to completely lock up and stop. If you have a failing ball joint, you’re in danger of a wheel coming off completely.


Colored smoke from your exhaust.

Many people think smoke coming from their exhaust is entirely normal, but if that smoke has color, that’s a problem. Exhaust should be clear, and only barely visible. There are some limited exceptions, but in general, white, black, blue, gray, or any other color of smoke coming from your exhaust means something is wrong.


Colored fluid is leaking from your vehicle.

Depending on the shade, this could be a brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid leak. All of them should be taken care of right away. While there are multiple different potential causes of the leak itself, none of them are anything to scoff at. A brake fluid leak can cause your brakes not to work, and a power steering fluid leak can cause your power steering not to work. Both of these types of leaks have been that cause of deadly accidents when the system failed during vehicle operation. Unless you keep adding coolant to compensate for a leak, a coolant leak can cause your vehicle to overheat and die. While the underlying causes of transmission fluid leaks are many, they all carry an urgency level that should get you in for service as soon as possible, before serious damage occurs.


The oil light comes on.

This is an indicator that your car might be leaking or burning oil, but we’ve got it as a separate entry from other fluid leaks because many think it means their car needs an oil change and will put it off. The light itself doesn’t indicate a leak or mean your car needs its oil changed; it means your car is low on oil. Driving your car with low oil can do so much damage that it might destroy your engine. Put oil in your car, immediately. Whatever the underlying cause, get your car into the shop, and get it fixed.


Noisy, mushy, or rough brakes.

Bad breaks are, for obvious reasons, another part of your car that needs to be in good working order, or else disaster can result. If they don’t feel or sound right, you need to have them looked at. The longer you wait, the more there will be to repair, and the greater your odds of them failing during operation altogether. If your brakes become very hard, very soft, sound like they are grinding, or anything else, don’t wait, especially if you also notice a fluid leak.


You don’t need to be a hobbyist or mechanic that knows all the fine details of every kind of problem with every kind of Porsche, Volkswagen, or Audi - leave that to us! Cars can have many, many different kinds of problems. The number of visible symptoms that can lead to all those problems, conveniently for you, is much shorter. If you see fluid or smoke or something that feels or sounds unusual, you don’t need to put any more thought into it than that. Contact European Auto Works, and we’ll expertly handle your vehicle’s repair.