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Beautiful Places to Visit Near Sunnyvale to Visit During the Easter Holiday

Easter is approaching, and while it doesn’t compare to November and December, we know many of you might be traveling. For anyone visiting Sunnyvale, we’ve got a lot of fun to offer! Here are some suggestions for visitors to check out while they’re in town.


  • Las Palmas Park: If you’re looking to get out and enjoy a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, and maybe toss a Frisbee around, Las Palmas park is one of the area’s best parks. There are play structures for children as well, making this a great location for a family outing.

  • Heritage Park Museum: For an excellent walk through the area’s local history, look no further. There was in fact a time when the area was not known as Silicon Valley! If history interests you at all, Heritage Park Museum is well worth a visit.

  • Sunnyvale Bay Trail: Step out onto the trail from the parking lot, and you’ve got gorgeous scenery for a walk or a bike ride. There are also plenty of seabirds to be seen here. If you’re looking to visit somewhere that makes you feel away from the bustle of the city, this is a great spot that isn’t far away.

  • Rabbit's Foot Meadery: If you’re thirsty and like trying new things, then there will be plenty for you to enjoy here. Locally crafted mead, cider, beer, and plenty more await you. Depending on how long you plan on staying, consider not driving yourself to and from here.

  • Sunnyvale Golf Course: If hitting the links if your idea of a good time, Sunnyvale has you covered. If you want new fairway to test your game on, we hope you packed your clubs for your trip to Sunnyvale! It’s a municipal course, so don’t expect an opulent country club. The course does feature a driving range and putting green.

European Auto Works is here to help if you happen to need any service during your trip. We hope you enjoy your visit to Sunnyvale, and look forward to your next visit!