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How to Stay Safe on the Road During the Holiday Season

With all the buzz around the holiday season, it’s also crucial to not neglect road safety. Holiday traffic is busier than usual so it’s important to stay extra cautious. European Auto Works wants to keep you and your family safe, so here are a few friendly suggestions to stay secure on the roads during the holiday season.                                                    


Know what to do if there is an accident


Check and see if everyone is OK. if it’s more serious, call 911. If it’s just a fender bender and you can still drive the vehicle, move it over to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic. It’s also wise to turn your hazard lights on.

Slow down

When you’re rushing around during the holiday season, it’s tempting to speed up with all the errands involved preparing for a holiday. Police presence is greater than normal. Getting a ticket during the holidays is not the gift you want to receive!

Wear your seatbelt

Don’t avoid wearing a seatbelt just because your winter coat is bulky! You should always buckle up. Not only could you get a ticket, that seatbelt could save your life. During the winter, the harsher weather conditions could make you more prone to an accident. Wearing that seatbelt could save your life.

Have an emergency kit in the car


An emergency kit is a must in case you are stranded. It should include an ice scraper, energy snacks, water, blankets, a shovel, a flashlight, and salt.

Clear snow and ice from the car

To ensure an unobstructed view, clear the snow and ice from every window of the automobile. It’s also important to be sure the roof is clear so chunks of snow don’t blow off and jeopardize your visibility and safety.

Don’t drink and drive

If you are going to a holiday party and consume alcohol, it’s crucial that you don’t get behind the wheel inebriated. Stay the night, have a designated driver, or take a cab.

The team at European Auto Works wants you to be driving safely during the holidays. If you'd like some preventive maintenance before you trek off for the holidays, contact us. We are located at 629 N Mathilda Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085.