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Let’s Get Your Vehicle Ready for School Season

What’s the most precious cargo your car ever transports? No question — it’s your children! As summer comes to an end, you can keep those pleasant memories of camping trips, drives to the beach, and family outings in mind as you prepare to transition to school season. Now that the camping gear is packed away, and you’ve had time to brush that beach sand from the back seats, what kinds of tasks should you need to perform now? Here are some tips to maintain sanity and serenity during school season:


Good Maintenance. Make sure your car is ready for reliable performance. You want the vehicle to start right up when it’s time to get to school. The standard rule of thumb for oil changes and routine maintenance is once every 3,000 miles, but it often depends on many factors, like driving habits and daily mileage. Now is the perfect time for maintenance service, so when you get up on school mornings with your cherubs, the car is ready to roll! Check your tires, and make sure they are fully inflated. Over the weekend, fill your gas tank so when Monday rolls around, you are not panicking because you have to run to the gas station just to make it to school!


Look, Ma, No Hands! If you have not already done so, invest in a Bluetooth system so you can talk on your phone hands-free while driving your children to and from school. Newer cars will already have such a system installed, so you will simply need to set it up to connect with your cell phone. Once your hands are free, you’ll be better able to manage any drama that erupts in the back seat.


Prevent Projectiles. Not just during school season, but anytime your children ride shotgun, make sure that there are no loose objects that could become projectiles if you stop short, including bottles, toys, and other hard objects. Keep the floors of the car clear, and store unneeded items in the trunk whenever possible.


Be Prepared, Know the Rules. For the first day of school, make sure you know the rules for drop-off and pick-up for your school. To manage the flow of parents, cars, and kids, most schools have designed an orderly procedure for pulling up, waiting, and loading the kids. Check with your school’s main office if you are unfamiliar with their particular procedures. Knowing the rules will keep the first day completely stress free.


Prevent Meltdowns. Stock up your trunk with healthy snacks and juice boxes so your kids can have a snack in the backseat on the way home. Keep their blood sugar up before any meltdowns occur! Your kids will be fueled up again by the time you arrive home, and they’ll also be ready to start their homework with less resistance!


European Auto Works can help you prepare for school by taking care of the routine maintenance that makes your car reliable and safe. Bring your vehicle in today, and you’ll be all set on the first day of school and beyond.