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Road Trip Games for Your Children


Family fun is a definite highlight of the Summer. School is out, and you finally get to spend plenty of quality time with your kids, without homework and other school obligations lingering. But if you’ve ever opted to spend that time on a road trip, kids have been known to test their parents’ patience while in the back of the car. Keeping them occupied will allow you to keep your focus on the road, so we’ve got a few ideas for you.


License plate spotting. An oldie but goodie, we’ve got a few variations that can help keep it fresh. Who can spot the most out of State license plates? Whoever spots a license plate first gets a point. Who can spot the most license plates from the most individual States and Provinces? Again, only the person who spots it first gets to count it. If you’ve got at least 4 passengers, you can also do this in teams.


I Spy. If you’ve got preschool age kids in the car, this is perfect. This game may seem old to you, but them, it’s still new enough to be fun. If you have multiple preschool age children, once they learn how to play, this can keep them entertained among themselves.


Road Trip Bingo. This is exactly what it sounds like. Just like with license plate spotting, only the person who sees anything first gets to count it, or you can work in teams. You can make your own sheet customized to your trip, or if you want to hit up the world wide web, you can use one of the many that others have made already.


20 questions. Great for kids, and if you’ve got a good company, adults can even make this interesting among themselves. This one is great for really getting kids thinking.


Riddles. Lists of riddles for your kids are more accessible than ever. These are another great option to get your kids thinking. Not every child will bite on riddles without the prospect of a reward, so a small consideration for whoever guesses correctly might be in order if you want to be sure everyone participates. Consider not allowing anyone that’s answered a riddle already to answer the next one, saving the easiest riddles for when there are only one or two people left.

European Auto Works is here to help prepare your vehicle for your next road trip. We want to do everything in our power to help keep you and your family safe on the road, and we look forward to your next visit!