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Snow Tires vs. All-Season Tires

We know it may seem odd bringing up snow tires during the heat of Summer, but if you plan to travel outside of the Bay Area during the cooler months, you'll wish you had thought about snow tires early on. This begs the question: "Do I need winter tires, or good tires all around?" First, it's important that you fully understand the differences between winter tires vs. all season tires. Weather conditions vary so car owners need to be consciousness.


All Season Tires

When they leave the factory, a lot of cars are fitted with all season tires. They are popular because they are built to offer good tread life, a quiet ride, and good fuel economy. They are made to drive well during mild flurries and wet streets. An all season tire is not designed to handle extreme winter conditions like trekking through snow or driving on ice.


Winter & Snow Tires

Winter tires are made to function in extreme weather and conditions. Having the right tire matters when there’s ice, and heavy snowfall so it’s crucial.From heavy snowfall to black ice, winter roads are extremely unpredictable. These type of weather conditions makes it challenging for vehicles to provide traction like they would during the warmer months of the year. Tread rubber and tread depth and patterns are features of winter tires that make them differ from all season tires. Tread rubber compounds of winter tires are created to have flexibility which allows them to grip the road better. Deeper tread depths lessen the buildup of snow and allow the car to function better. Winter tire tread patterns simply turn the slush and snow to water.


Snow Tires vs. All Season Tires

All season tires are probably the best if the most you generally experience are mild flurries. If you reside in an area with frigid conditions and inclement weather, mounting winter tires is a precaution that could save your life. It's important to put on a full set of winter tires. Changing just the front tires could cause the back tires to skid. Just changing the back tires could cause the front tires to lose traction. Be diligent about re-mounting the all-season tires when the weather warms up as winter tires wear down rapidly on dry warm roads.


The team at European Auto Works wants you to be driving safely and without any unwanted issues that could be involved with not having the right tires for the season. To schedule an appointment to change your tires for cold or hot weather, call us at 408-737-2200. We are located at 629 N Mathilda Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085.