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Spring Cleaning Your Car After Winter Weather

Have you been neglecting your car’s cleanliness due to the colder weather? It starts with washing less frequently, and before you know it, the interior is a rat’s nest too. Make your car smile again, with our quick guide to getting your car to look welcoming.


  • Empty it out. Anything that’s been living in your trunk, glove box, on top of your seats, and underneath your seats. Take it all out. Then take out the floor mats, too.

  • With everything out of your vehicle, give the inside a good look, and see if any repairs are required, whether its the floor of your vehicle (leaks in particular), upholstery, or anything else.

  • Beat, vacuum, and/or wash your floor mats as needed while they’re out of the vehicle. Consider wearing a mask while you’re doing this if it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned them, lest the resulting dust cloud sends you into a coughing fit.

  • Vacuum inside your vehicle, and spot clean as necessary.

  • Wash your windows, both on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Use a car window cleaner, and make sure it doesn’t contain ammonia. Fog will not stick as well to clean windows, and you can also add an anti-fogging agent to your windows.

  • Put your floor mats back in, then go through everything else you took out of your vehicle, and decide whether it really belongs in your vehicle. Even if everything you took out goes back in, at least this gives you a good opportunity to make sure everything is where you want it to be.

  • Wash the exterior of your vehicle, and if you’re feeling up to it, give it a good wax.

  • Check under the hood and look at your instrument console. Does anything jump out at to you as a sign that your car needs maintenance? Get it out of the way, so you can enjoy your clean car on the road with peace of mind.

  • To expand on the previous point, here are some maintenance considerations for you to think about as you’re going over your vehicle. Does it need a new air filter or an oil change? Are your windshield wipers still in good shape after this wet winter, and do you need wiper fluid? Do your tires have good tread and pressure? Don’t forget to check your spare tire, too. Imagine going to the trouble of jacking your car and pulling the wheel off, only to pop the spare on and watch it flatten as you lower the jack. And of course, if you’ve got any of the issues we discussed in our February blog, you need to make time to get your car fixed while it’s still worth fixing.

As always, if there’s any way our crew here can be of assistance to you while you’re getting your car back in shape, just let us know. We hope that we’ve helped get you set for a good Spring cleaning, and that it goes very well for you!