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The Latest in Automotive Safety Technology


If you think about the time you first got in a car as a kid, by the time you had your own car, there were probably some pretty big differences in technology between those two cars. And for those of you that have been driving for many more years beyond that, and perhaps even providing cars for kids of your own, those cars for you kids are even more radically advanced. This month we’ll walk you through some newer features that will help keep you driving comfortably and safely.


Adaptive cruise control: in many newer cars, such as the Porsche Cayenne, cruise control use is no longer relegated to when you’re on an uncongested highway. With adaptive cruise control, you can set your car’s preferred cruising speed, but it will slow down automatically when there’s another vehicle in front of you. When it detects that space ahead of you is clear again, it will resume your chosen cruise speed. You can spend more time being alert to what’s around you and less time managing your speed.


Backup cameras and sensors: there’s a blind spot behind every vehicle down its centerline, where its back window and mirrors cannot see. It’s a small one, but it’s big enough to hide mailboxes, people tying their shoes, and other low to the ground obstacles. While common on newer cars, if you’ve got an older car, it might be possible to retrofit it with these features.


Lane monitoring: if you’ve ever been a little drowsy, distracted, or otherwise not entirely on the ball while driving, this can be a literal lifesaver. Lane monitoring will alert you to when you’re drifting out of a lane, so you can redirect your attention to correcting your course. Even in situations where you’re fully alert, if it’s dark and rainy, and you’re on a poorly lit road, this can be a great tool to keep you within your lane.


Blind spot monitoring: even if you’ve got your mirrors set right and you’ve turned your head to look, those spots around the back corners of your car are a little nerve wracking. Thankfully, there’s one more tool to help keep you aware of your surroundings. Blind spot monitoring is one more piece of sensory information that can alert you to the presence of a car in your blind spot if you’re about to change lanes.


Park assist: parallel parking has been a source of frustration and scratched paint for as long as it has existed. While those that live in a big city can get the hang of it because they need to do it so regularly, for everyone else, we’re glad to be done craning our necks around. Auto engineers have come a long way in giving this technology the precision required to keep your vehicle and its paint in good shape.​


Cars continue to evolve. The future will bring yet more new safety features and other technology. Additionally, self-driving car testing is becoming increasingly prolific. Who knows what wonders the future has in store, but when they arrive, you can be sure we’ll keep up with them here at European Auto Works.