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Top 5 Tips To Make Holiday Road Trips Safer

We love the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years, we are excited for each and every one of the holidays. During this festive time, we are often on the road. We want to ensure you and your family have a safe holiday road trip, which is why we have put together a helpful list of tips to make your holiday road trip safer:


  1. Before your adventure, take a close look at your bulbs. Spend a few extra minutes making all your lights are properly working. The team at European Auto Repair would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s lights before you embark.

  2. Prepare for all different types of weather: If you are driving quite a bit of distance, you are going to come across a variety of different weather. From a complete winter wonderland to an onslaught of hail, you never exactly know what you will come across. We recommend preparing for the absolute worst conditions. This may mean including an emergency kit, along with a blanket, in your packing list.

  3. Take turns driving: Driving can be exhausting, so it is important to rotate drivers as much as possible. If you are driving alone, take a short break every 90 minutes or so. This way, you will feel alert and aware of your surroundings while driving.

  4. Be conscientious of other drivers: Holidays can bring out both the worst and best of us. Either way, be aware and mindful of the other drivers while driving. This may mean leaving extra space between you and the other cars, double checking before changing lanes, or overall, just keeping your emotions in order.

  5. Be mindful of electronics: During long road trips, the desire to take a quick peek at your phone is often stronger. We think it is an excellent idea to keep all devices away from the front area of the vehicle.

Before you embark on a holiday road trip, our team can inspect your vehicle to make sure everything is working in tip-top shape. European Auto Repair wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.