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You, your Vehicle and the Environment

Sadly, terms such as “clean”, “environmentally friendly” and “green” often seem to be used as marketing buzzwords.

In our business, some shops claim to be “eco-friendly.” In fact, all auto repair shops are by law required to meet several environmental requirements, such as recycling of waste engine oil and coolant. European Auto Works has qualified as a Santa Clara County Green Business, and goes above and beyond the minimum requirements, including a building designed for energy-efficiency, a recycling program & drought-tolerant landscaping that qualifies as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

So, we've done what we can to minimize the environmental impact of our shop. But let's face it… there's nothing environmentally friendly about automobiles. They are the second largest source of air pollution after electrical generation. What can you do as a vehicle owner and driver?

At European Auto Works in Sunnyvale, we feel strongly about doing our part to reduce climate change. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions to consider:

  • Drive less! OK, easier said than done around Sunnyvale and the whole of Silicon Valley. But if you’re only going a mile or so, walk if you’re able, and a bicycle is just about as fast as a car for trips of about 5 miles or less. If you can carpool, so much the better. Loading everyone into the car and driving to San Francisco is efficient, driving a half mile to the store or sitting in traffic by yourself if horrifically inefficient.
  • Combine trips. An internal combustion engine is at is most polluting and delivers the poorest fuel economy before it’s warmed up, so if you can run several errands at the same time, you will reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. You will also be kinder to your car. On Short trips, your engine doesn’t reach operating temperature, water buildup within your exhaust system will lead to rust and water will also accumulate in your engine oil.
  • Get all of that junk out of your trunk or rear hatch. Added weight equals poorer fuel economy equals increased emissions.
  • Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Neglecting things such as spark plug and engine air filter replacement will result in poorer fuel economy. Also, have that check engine light diagnosed promptly. It’s a warning that your car is producing more pollutants than it’s supposed to.
  • Check your tire pressures regularly, ideally every month. Studies have shown that most cars are driving around with underinflated tires, which results in increased emissions and is also dangerous.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact European Auto Works in Sunnyvale. From basic maintenance to complex diagnostics, we look forward to taking great care of your European vehicles.

Cliff Greenman
ASE Certified Master Technician
European Auto Works